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Ability to set a "reply to" email address

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    When I comment on a task in Intervals, the emails appear to come from my address, not from intervals. I would rather that when someone clicks reply on an email that their response goes into our work request queue to be assigned to the relevant task. I can't change my email address as recorded in intervals, because there is where notifications for me are sent to. I've also tried setting up filters on the mail servers (gmail), but I can't tell the difference between emails sent by intervals and intervals sent by customers, because new work requests also appear to come from the customer and not from intervals.

    Ideally I'd like all generated emails to come from our account, but being able to set this as a reply to would solve most of the problem.

    Full email integration is on the list of features to develop this year and we agree 100% that it will add a lot value. When someone replies to an Intervals generated email the task will automatically get updated with a comment or document so that email can be used to keep the task up to date. Thanks for the feedback.

    Hi Michael,

    I realise that's on the todo list, however that's a very large feature. We can do it manually, but only if emails sent to executive users and email addresses (i.e. all email except that sent to admins, managers and resources) comes from an address that intervals checks.

    Is there any chance of having an option to set a single 'From' address while we wait for full email integration?


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    Thanks for following up. This is a feature that is being contemplated and discussed internally by our development team. However, due to the few requests we've had for this feature, it is a lower priority on our roadmap. It is the general nature of hosted software that adding a new feature affects all people using the web-based app. Once a feature request climbs in popularity it must undergo a rigorous review.

    Here is the lifecycle of a feature request:
    1) Ruled out
    2) Being contemplated, discussed
    3) Scheduled on the development road map
    4) Active, under development

    if it were possible to set a global email, we could build our own email integration through api

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