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    • aking
    • Feb 18th 2010 edited @ 02/24/2010 1:46 pm
    I'm a new user and curious if there are other clients using this website for tracking time in the automotive repair industry. My company works on specialized vehicles and are in need of tracking our mechanic's time per vehicle. So far it's been great but I've not figured out the scheduling and calendaring. For instance if i have assigned a task to one of my mechanics it does not show up on the calendar on the home page tab...?? Maybe i have just not gotten there in the help videos yet!!
    By default the home page shows tasks that are assigned to the person that is logged in but the filter can be changed. On the right hand side if you change the assignee and run a filter to see tasks assigned to that particular person does the home page update? If the filter does not appear to be working properly please click on the find a bug link in the footer and our support staff will take a closer look.

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