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Resetting the % budget alert for repeating monthly retainer clients

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    We have recently been struggling with using the % budget alert feature, for clients whose project budget resets on the first of each month when their monthly retainer renews. Things we've tried:

    - First we were checking those clients manually, and not using the automatic budget alert feature. Seemed like a shame and we'd forget and go over, costing us thousands of dollars worth of hours.
    - Then we thought we could simply reset the date that the project started. But that didn't seem to exclude the previous hours, that is, it didn't appear to also reset the budget.
    - Then we thought we'd create a new project each month. Realized that would leave all the previous undone tasks behind.
    - Now thinking we'll use "copy project" to make a new project, naming it with that month's date, i.e. January-Client A, February-Client A. But that does require going in each month to create a new set of projects by copying the old ones, for each of our clients that pay a monthly retainer.

    Does anyone know of a better way to reset the monthly budget on which the % budget alert is generated, which we find very valuable? Or have any other tips or experiences to share?

    Would updating the alert monthly do the trick? For some our projects we invoice at each 1/3 of the project so we set the first alert at 33% of the project. When we receive the email we invoice the client and then update the alert to 66%. When that alert is triggered we sent the second invoice and set the alert to 90% so we know when the budget is almost used up and we start keeping a closer eye on things. Once we get to the budget if we anticipate the project is going to go over sometimes we will set the alert to be 110% so we get alerted that the project is 10% over. Some sort of combination of changing up the budget amount or the percentage where the alert is triggered might work for you.

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