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Workload Allocation

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    Intervals Demo Newbie here...

    Is there a way to input start dates/end dates for resources (designers / production, etc) so that a manager can forecast any workload collisions?

    You can add start/end dates to each task, and then report on what each resource is doing each day. Is that what you meant?
    Yes, I think so. For example: Current or New Client makes request for work due in 3 weeks. Manager can run a report to see that all designers are booked that week (?). (Which would allow scheduling / managing client expectations)
    BTW, Which report would I run to see People/Workload -vs- New Requests Coming In? THANKYOU!

    There is not a report that displays the number of new requests coming in. To see a report of People / Workload your best bet may be the Cross Chart or the Summary Report, as both allow the ability to group time tracking data by person.

    However, Intervals does not support Workload in the way you have described here. Intervals focus is more on tracking projects, tasks and time than it is on resource planning.


    But resource planning something nearly every company (especially smaller companies with limited resources and an ever-changing pipeline) has to do, and resource planning is dependent on exactly the data that is stored in intervals. So shouldn't they go together in some way? I'm not saying add a section or add to the complexity of Intervals much at all. Just a single report is needed, so users that want to can run it and see estimated hours for and UPCOMING time period... This data is already in Intervals, all that would be needed is a choice for estimated hours in the filter for one of your many reports.

    My point is, giving users this choice doesn't make Intervals a "resource planning" tool... It just gives people more access to their own data, and they might choose to use it for resource planning. Please consider this!

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