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Client-based notes and documents?

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    We are looking to store notes and documents on a client-basis instead of a project basis. Reason being, you close a project out and the notes and documents are not visiable (i'm assuming you can still search, but nonetheless low visability). There are certainly situations that call for a document to be assigned to a project and/or a document to be assigned to the client.

    Is this in the roadmap or is there another suggestion to store notes and documents by client instead of per project?

    Since Intervals is project centric there is not a way to store notes or documents directly with the client. One potential workaround is to have a general project that keeps all project notes and documents for all of the projects for that particular client. In essence one project becomes a documentation project. Another option is to copy project notes from one project to another. We do this quite a bit with our maintenance contracts. When one contract is expired we create a new one and copy the project notes over. That doesn't help with documents but it might be an option for the project notes.

    This lack of client centric notes is driving me crazy. I just got off the phone with a client in which the conversation covered 5 topics. Only one of which already had a project with tasks. I just want to document the conversation with the client and then from there create projects and tasks as needed. By the time I create any projects and tasks in intervals that would allow for project notes, I've lost my train of thought. So I have to write my notes in another application and then hopefully remember to pull those into Intervals when needed. Ugh.

    We need some basic CRM features added to Intervals. Multiple contact and contact info per client. Client-centric notes and documents. Easy search of those notes.

    Sorry for the rant. Now I have to remember my client conversation. :-)


    I'd like to second (or third) this motion. Having a way to attach notes and documents directly to a client, independent of projects, would be really useful for us too.

    So almost 3 years have passed since this very valid concern has been raised. I"m reviewing Intervals and I really like it, but this is a huge negative. There are many notes that client specific and not project specific - notes that may pertain to every project for that client.

    I appreciate that Intervals is PM and CRM, but good PM requires some client management as well. Having to copy paste notes from one project to another is an insane action for something that is supposed to create efficencies.

    Has this issue been addressed in some way that I haven;t been able to figure out if not, is it in the works?

    • Michael
    • Nov 21st 2012 edited @ 11/21/2012 11:30 am
    Thank you for feedback and the pain point. Client notes are not on the development plan at this time but the feature has made it onto the list of features to be considered. Regarding copying notes, just an FYI the notes do not have to be copied and pasted individually. There is a link that copies all of the notes from one project to another. That may or may not help but I thought I would mention it just in case it adds any value.
    We too are considering switching from our present project management tools to Intervals and documentation capabilities will be a big consideration. For us, the lack of technical documentation resources--eg, a wiki--is a drawback. Since it seems you have found it difficult to expand the capabilities of the present notes component, maybe you might consider adding a new feature entirely, a single overall wiki with the ability to link to a page within it from the client profile page. I suspect that software developers among your customer base would love to see it.

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