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Modifying multiple time records at once

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    • MrM
    • Jan 14th 2010
    I've imported hundreds of time records via API from our old project management application, where there was no module or worktype data. I would now like to set the module and worktype on these records for reporting purposes, but it is very tedious to do it one by one. Is it possible to modify multiple time records at once, similarly to how I can modify the module of multiple tasks in one go?
    • jreeve
    • Jan 14th 2010 edited @ 01/14/2010 9:26 am
    It is not possible to modify multiple time records at once in Intervals. The inline Ajax editing does make it a little less tedious to edit multiple time entries, but I can't imagine editing hundreds at a time. I believe your best option will be to use the API to update them. You can email us at api at myintervals dot com if you need any help with this process. Our developers would be glad to assist you.
    • MrM
    • Jan 14th 2010

    Thanks for your quick response. I was hoping this could be done from within Intervals. Since it isn't possible, I will probably resort to doing it manually, instead of developing yet another API script for this (the first one being the import script). I will probably be done more quickly this way, since the process cannot be fully automatized, like the import was.

    Maybe you can consider this as a new feature in a coming upgrade? ;)

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