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Seeing other's overdue tasks

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    The 'overdue' tasks view is really useful for seeing what I've got to pay attention to, but how can I see overdue tasks for another user? The best I've come up with is filtering by user then sorting by due date.
    Filtering the task list by user and sorting by due date is the best way to view overdue tasks for another user. There is no preset view for viewing overdue tasks for another user like there is for your own account. However, to make this process go faster you could filter the task view in the manner you have done and then save it. That will make it much easier to pull up in the future.
    One more thing. The project list will contain links to the number of overdue tasks. In the overdue column, click on the number and it will take you to a task view displaying all of the overdue tasks for that project.

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