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    Happy New Year.

    Expenses will be really useful for us on projects, except that I can't find a way to aggregate them.

    All I need is a list of expenses for all projects, not just by project. If I can do this I am not able to find it.

    To add to the usefulness of expenses:

    - A date range filter would be even better

    - And if i could classify them as well with a list that I made up (eg Travel, administration, printing) this would be even better.

    - And to push my request just a little more - a tick box that indicates that the expense has been dealt with (ie charged to customer or re-imbursed.



    I solved my own problem. I can export the list of expenses through "export your data"

    But the features for expenses would still be useful


    At present Intervals does not have an expense report. However, it is something we may consider adding in the future. Glad to hear you found a workaround in the meanwhile.
    I'd like to get a report summarising time spent ($) + expenses for a client to be able to show the overall cost.
    The project activity report might be an option. In the both drop down menu there is an option to show project fees in addition to the hourly work performed.

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