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Assign a task to a client?

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    • i9mickey
    • Jan 6th 2010 edited @ 01/06/2010 5:08 pm

    Hey there, newbie here with a simple question...

    Can I assign a task to a client? I mean, there are points in the process where we're waiting on input from the client. Especially content. Can we assign that as a task for them to do with a projected deadline?

    Tasks can only be assigned to administrators, managers, and resource level users. Executive level users cannot be assigned tasks, however, they can contribute to them by uploading documents and adding comments to the task. One other option is to set up your client as a restricted resource level user. This will ensure that they only have access to tasks assigned to them.
    If I set them up as a restricted resource level user, will they have access to see notes on the project? Or private notes? I can't recall just how deep the access control is for a restricted resource level user. Thanks for your reply.
    Yes, the restricted resource user will be able to see notes on the task. They have regular access to the task as any resource level user would, however, they can only see tasks assigned to them.
    Regarding access to project notes with a restricted resource level user you can control which users have access to the sensitive project notes. If you don't grant them access to the private notes they would only see the normal notes. In fact this is true for all user levels except for administrators and can be done on a per project basis. So you could grant the user access to sensitive project notes for some projects but not others.

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