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    When a request comes into the request queue I need to be able to assign it to closed tasks, and in doing so reopen the task.

    The work flow at the moment is:
    * Client raises new issue
    * I convert their request to a task, respond and close as I believe the issue is resolved
    * Client emails back in saying that the problem is not resolved - I need to reopen the original task and assign it, but I can't do that from the request queue.

    That is correct. The reason closed tasks do not show up as an option when appending a request to an existing task is that the list of tasks would become overwhelming. Once a large number of closed tasks have accumulated it is best to keep them hidden. The way Pelago works around this scenario is that we have a task status called "Review w/Client." We will leave a task set to this status until the client has responded that the issue is resolved, or if we haven't heard from them in a week or so. At that point we'll close out the task. Hope this helps.

    Yes, it would be overwhelming with the current interface, but that is because of the design of the interface.

    The easiest way to work around it would be to have an input for a task number (this will often be in the subject of the reply from the customers), which could also be used to set the company, project etc.

    More complete solutions could be a free-format ajax auto complete box, a 'show tasks closed in the last month' option or a mini-view of the tasks tab, including the filter options.

    Thanks for the ideas. We will take them into consideration as an alternative way to append new requests to closed tasks.

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