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Tracking by Client Department or Division

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    Intervals works very well for my business to business customers. However, a big portion of my business is government. One of our requirements is to track our work and billable hours per department or division within the government agency. The government is very large so adding numerous client entries does not seems the best answer. We thought of using the Project feature but that would just confused things and take us away for our project organization model. So... Is there a way to enhance intervals so that for any one customer I could assign, track and report work for each client department and/or division?

    Thank you in advance for any response. Happy New Year!!



    The best way to track client departments or divisions is to add them as modules. Modules are a freeform method of adding categories for tracking time in a way that makes sense to your organization. In this case, the individual departments or divisions would be modules. By adding them as defaults they will automatically be applied to your projects, or you can add them as custom modules to each project. Again, it depends on your scenario.

    Once you've started tracking time in these modules you will be able to run reports to see how much time and effort are going toward each module / department / division.

    Hope this helps!


    • marseyasf
    • Jan 2nd 2010 edited @ 01/02/2010 2:44 pm


    Thanks for your reply. However, the Module feature is necessary for our project tracking requirements as well. One idea we came up with was to add a dept/div code to each task or project. For example, DPW - Create Pothole Service Request Report (dept code - task name). However, we then realized that there wasn't a way to use the filter options to create a report specifically for department DPW (i.e where Task like 'DPW*'; You probably knew this already). I was led by my own misunderstanding that the Advanced Search component would allow for advance filtering of the report since it was located on the Report page. Unless anyone has any other suggestions, it seems we may have hit a snag with expanding our use of Intervals for our government customers. At this point, we will probably have to perform an ETL (extract, transform, load) into a local database and generate the reports from there until we can find something more suitable. Seems like such a waste since Intevals has great reports out the box and will take more effort to duplicate consistent look and feel.

    Still hopeful,


    • marseyasf
    • Jan 2nd 2010 edited @ 01/02/2010 4:36 pm
    On second thought, perhaps we could just use the api to produce a report by supplying the query string to the report template. Do you know if this is possible?
    At present the reports are not available in the API. Although they may be added later. Are you using work types? If not, those could be substituted for departments/divisions. However it may be like you said. The best option may be to export reports to CSV and manipulate them in Xcel to get the reports needed. Hope this helps!

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