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Add time to multiple persons in the time dialogue box?

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    • matt
    • Dec 31st 2009

    Dear Intervals developers,

    I have several instances where multiple people are assigned to the same task - and they each work the same amount of hours on that task. For example, I have 10 people assigned to a task, and they each take 1 hour to complete their part of the task. Is there a way to assign 1 hour of time on a task to all 10 people at once? As it is now, I have to go into the time dialogue box 10 times and enter the same exact info for each person. Would be awfully spiffy if I could go into the time dialogue box once, enter the info, click a button that allows me to select all 10 people, and be done with it.

    Thanks for a great product. Appreciate your consideration.

    Do you not want your workers to apply it themselves? wouldn't it be awfully time consuming for you to manage their time? I am a bit of a micro manager myself, but you'd go nuts after a couple months of managing other peoples entries. I've been using intervals for the last 3 years. trust me.
    • matt
    • Dec 31st 2009


    Oh yes, absolutely. I want them to apply it themselves. But I'd also like to maintain control of the time entry process at the Admin level, including adding time for multiple people at once. Plus, I need to add a ton of historical data from past projects for reporting purposes (our current systems blow - trust me) and this type of feature would significantly speed up the data entry process for me. With Intervals, I've finally found a system that I think will allow me to unify all my data from our existing systems and at the same time give my executives a confidence and comfort level they've never had before with the data I'm reporting.


    These are some great ideas you guys are tossing back and forth. Bulk time entries are definitely an idea worth tossing around. I can see how beneficial it would be to apply a large number of time entries. Please take a few minutes to suggest these ideas by logging into your Intervals account and clicking on the feature request link at the bottom of the page. This will put the request into database, making it an official request for us to follow up on.

    Thanks again and Happy New Year!

    Awesome - will do! Happy New Year!

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