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Deep invoice customization

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    Hi all,
    We are from Spain and we are testing intervals.
    Nice product but we really need invoices in spanish. Is possible to customize things like "Bill To" "Balance"....?
    We can manage normal functions in english but things destined to customers must be in spanish.

    Intervals is only available in English at this time. This includes invoices. We have discussed adding other languages to the Intervals interface, as we have a lot of development experience developing multilingual web sites. However, the demand for it has not been sufficient enough. We do thank you for weighing in on the subject and it is any consolation, Spanish would likely be the first language we implement.

    Thanks jreeve. Maybe just exporting it in XML could be a good solution. We can implement some templete then.

    We do have our API in development which exports data to XML, although the invoices have not yet been added to the API. Please take a look at our API documentation at to see if any of the other API features might be useful.

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