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Sharing Calendar

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    I would like to know is it possible to have a Calendar that everyone can see and can share what tasks, milestones etc need to be completed then, so that everyone who uses Intervals right when you sign in the Calendar shows up and you can see whats on it and stuff and that everyone will be notified when there is an upcoming Task or Milestone due.




    The calendar does have some sharing aspects to it but not at the calendar level. Instead, what each user sees is based on what items on the calendar they have access to. For example, they will see all of the tasks they own or are assigned to. And they will see any milestones for which they have task responsibilities. Notes that were added as public will show up to everyone, while private notes are hidden. The calendar view can be customized by using the checkboxes in the right column to filter what items are and are not visible to each user.

    If you would like for everyone to be notified when there is an upcoming task or milestone, make sure that everyone is assigned to the task or tasks within the milestone.

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