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How do I get a report that filters by Task? - not worktype

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    Hi there,

    Can anyone help me?
    I recently had a client who wanted to know a full breakdown of the work carried out, but by task, not work type. I can't see that there is an option to filter the tasks to see how much the client has spent on each one.


    The project activity report will give you a full breakdown of work by task. To do this, select the Summary & Detail -> By task on the project activity report.

    Thanks for your suggestion, but this doesn't show amount of money SPENT, so we can advise clients of cost so far.

    Please advise


    Intervals does not do job costing. Intervals is primarily used for tracking billable work. The reports will tell you the dollar amount of billable work completed but not what it costs you. Does that make sense? If you are trying to track costs of individual items, project expenses can be used for that.

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