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What is with the "save" button?

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    There is a pencil next to comments etc when you view a task, but when you click it it is replaced by two arrows in a circle - which makes me think "refresh" (think Internet Explorer toolbar).

    Please can we have a more conventional save icon? I know floppy disks are a bit out dated, but they are normally understood to mean save.

    Thanks for the GUI suggestion. We will take a closer look at that when we do our next round of interface improvements.
    • RonR
    • Feb 15th 2010 edited @ 02/15/2010 2:43 pm
    I, too, have had more than one User feel that the icon was quite confusing on first use. Perhaps the standard floppy disk save icon would be better?
    How about: "SAVE".
    Agreed. Simple floppy disk icon would work in stead of refresh-looking one.

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