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List of Clients with contact info?

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    It's that happy time of year when we'll be sending out cards to call of our clients. I was hoping there was some nice easy way to pull a list of all our clients with contact info, but I don't see anything. Any chance I'm missing something...?
    If you navigate to the clients listing page and click on the green export to CSV icon at the top of the list each client will be exported including their address, phone, etc. Hopefully that will do the trick.
    It would be a little more helpful if it divided the address information up by street/state/ZIP so we could do a mail merge, but this is a good step in making my mailing list easier to manage. Thanks!

    Erm, I may actually have found a bug. I can resend this as a bug report if you'd prefer.

    In the CSV export, opened in Excel, I discovered that the Address field contained mostly incomplete information. It had the street, PO Box, city and state, OR country, but very rarely all of these things. I was going to go give my account managers a little encouragement about getting all of the address information listed ASAP, but then I went to check, and the address information IS listed, it's just not getting exported.

    Can you help?

    Our development team is going to take a closer look.
    After investigating the export we have been unable to replicate the problem and see all of the data in the Excel columns. Sometimes some of the data is "hidden within the cell" for lack of a better term but double clicking on it reveals the full information. Do you mind logging into your account and submitting a bug? This will give us extra information that will help our troubleshooting efforts. Also if you could let us know what version of Excel you are using that would be most helpful. Thanks in advance.

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