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PDF Invoice size (I need A4 not US Letter size)

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    I like that I can issue and track invoices as well as manage projects and tasks and this is one reason I chose this system over others. I have just put in my first invoice and outputted as PDF and I find that it's not A4 but US Letter instead. I am in Australia and have the locale set correctly, but the paper size is not an option. Is there a work-around for this or some setting I have missed? What do other Australians or A4-countries do with their invoices?

    Also, is there a way to play with the design of the invoice itself? eg. move things around or have a much larger banner image? As you host the program, I am guessing not but thought I would check.




    Thanks for noticing the A4 vs. US Letter issue with the PDF exports. We will take a closer look at that.

    Meanwhile, there is not a way to design the invoice. We do have plans on adding more user control to the look and appearance of Intervals, but i'm not sure if such controls will extend to the invoices or not.

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