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    I'm using Timetask at our company and trying to convince everybody to use it. My main problem right now is to be able to see tasks on a calendar not as just a block where there is a due date, but as a sort of Gantt chart or at least a block of time over multiple days.
    Is that possible?



    When we launched the revised home page with a calendar view we tinkered with this functionality some but learned that when there are a lot of tasks the home page can become really hard to read. The closest current functionality is showing the task start date. On the right hand side of the home page if you click on “show more options” there is an option to show when tasks start. You can save a filter for when tasks start, when they are due, or both depending on your preference.

    The periscope report that is currently in beta is planned to show tasks and milestones nested below the project. It will probably be the closest thing to a Gantt chart within Intervals when complete. Here is a blog post on the periscope report.

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