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Profitability Report

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    • alank
    • Nov 30th 2009 edited @ 02/03/2011 2:16 pm
    Is there a report that analyzes project profitability by allowing you to input employees' base cost rates (hourly based on salary & overhead) and compare to task/billing rates?

    Expenses can be directly attached to projects but Intervals is deliberately light on tracking the people cost side of projects. The focus is more on tracking revenue. Some people use the hourly rate as a cost instead of revenue for tracking costs but that work around won't show profitability it would still need to be manually calculated. Although tracking hourly costs for people cannot be accomplished directly within the interface you may want to give exporting data to CSV and applying costs a look. The crosschart or project activity report might be a good candidate. The data can be used to calculate margins if you happen to have marginal rate goals. For example:

    Hourly Margin Calculator

    Employee / Contractor Rate $45.00
    Hourly Rate $110.00
    Margin $65.00
    Marginal Rate 59.09%

    Total Margin Calculator

    Employee / Contractor Total $2,924.38
    Company Total $7,147.78
    Margin $4,223.40
    Marginal Rate 59.09%

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