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Invoicing by Time Entry

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    If I'm understanding right, a freeform invoice or an invoice with work performed can be created. If 'invoice with work performed' is selected, is there a way to select which time entries are billed? Reason I ask is that sometimes we dont bill for all the work performed at one time. It would be nice to have a check box next to each entry so that you can select which time entries to bill. Is this something that can be done now or is it something that will be implemented in the future?

    Individual time entries cannot be selected at this time. When creating an invoice based on actual work performed the system will look at all billable time that occurred during the time period and then you can individually select tasks, modules, milestones, etc. but not individual time entries. On step 2 of the invoice generation steps if you select "by task" for example all tasks that were worked on during the time period will appear and you can individually select which tasks you would like included on the invoice (this is true for modules and milestones as well). Also on a somewhat related topic we do have plans to add in task status to the selection parameters so that all tasks can be invoiced that have a particular task status. Hope it helps.

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