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How do I simplify the interface?

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    I am trialing Intervals using the free Demo version. I'm using the software within an Engineering team that does NOT have clients, send invoices, have set milestones etc.

    (a) Is there any way to simplify the interface i.e. hide or remove the Clients, Invoices or Milestones functionality.
    (b) Also, is it possible to enter time against a task across multiple days (without creating the same task 4 times for each day).

    I want to simplify this as much as possible - otherwise our development team may be reluctant to use the software.


    Thanks for asking. Intervals does not allow for the interface to be simplified by hiding or removing tabs and their related functionality. Part of the reason for this is that the functionality within each tab is too intertwined with other features that simply hiding the tab would orphan too many dependencies. The other reason is that we are trying to keep the interface consistent for all customers without complicating the application by adding more preferences.

    We do understand what you are saying about reluctance to adopt new software. This is a common scenario that can be difficult to overcome. Being engineers ourselves, we can understand the difficulty in adapting to something new. Our best advice would be to use the different user levels for the engineers. For example, a resource level user will see far fewer tabs. A restricted resource level user will have even less visual elements to navigate. Perhaps the best thing to do is set yourself up with an administrator account and set up the engineers as resource level users?

    Hope this helps!


    Thanks for the advice - I'll give that a go!


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