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Can users correct their hours once submitted and approved

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    Once a user has submitted their hours and the hours have been approved by the system administrator, does the user have the capability/authority to change or amend their previous input?

    For instance, they may have marked 2.0 hours against Project X and they should have selected Project Y. I know that I can change that, as the administrator, but wondering if the user can.

    Couldn't find anything in the forum notes....

    Thanks for asking. The only way for a person to correct their hours once submitted and approved is to have an administrator unapprove the timesheet. The person can then correct their hours and ask the administrator to reapprove it. The reason we do this is so that hours will remain locked down after approved to preserve the integrity of financial reports and invoices.
    Thanks - this was really helpful. Will pass on to my users.

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