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What Timers Need --- Time in _ Time out

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    Our Clients are starting to ask for Super Details. Now it's no longer good enough for them to see that on October 9th, 3.245 hours was appled to their project. They want to know the time of day it was started and time of day it was ended. TIMESTAMP for Timers - System Time in (9:49) and system Time out (13:23). We can not rely on the workers to keep this time even though we ask.
    • jreeve
    • Nov 17th 2009 edited @ 04/23/2011 8:35 am
    Thanks for suggesting this. We have received this request from a some of our customers and we have it on our list of features to review for upcoming launches. We have other features taking priority over this one, so once we get through them we'll seriously evaluate having start and stop times on timers.
    • WisTex
    • Jan 26th 2011 edited @ 01/26/2011 4:43 pm

    I was wondering why I couldn't find the timestamps. It's not there. LOL. I was looking for that too.

    I also use it to track my own time, and post what I do to my calendar. Since I am a visual person, that gives me a color coded visualization for where my time is going.

    Plus, think of the possibilities here if you started tracking time as well. You could sync it with Google Calendar (which syncs with many other things like Outlook and Android and such). Specific appointments could be associated with a specific project. Completed items would be the actual time, future events would be scheduled time, and then, of course, there is estimated time.

    Look at Achieve Planner on how they link projects and tasks to calendar events (which syncs with Outlook). That will give you a good idea of what I am talking about as a start. Then add on reporting functionality and you have a winner.

    I don't expect you to implement something like this in one shot, but this is a direction you could go if you wanted to, simply by starting to track timestamps.

    (Speaking of Achieve Planner, it would be nice if you could sync with that directly.)


    Another +1 for adding the ability to show the real time when the timer is started and stopped rather than just the amount of time and this shown through when exporting out timesheets. There could also be some useful reports generated showing the productive times of the day within a team.



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