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    I'm here to make my quarterly plea for an additional permissions level. I know it's been discussed before, but since the only feedback I've ever gotten was an email suggesting you might think about it "some day" but it continues to not show up on the Roadmap, I figure I'll just keep asking.

    Right now, every single one of our employees is an Administrator because they all need to have the ability to add Clients and Projects into the system. This has the potential to be problematic on so many levels. I've read the comments from your end about the difficulties presented by allowing permissions to be too granular, but I'm not asking about that, per se. I'm just hoping you might be willing to consider an additional permission level that lets a person have access to all aspects of Intervals EXCEPT Settings & Defauls, Plan Info, and the ability to delete anything ever. Basically, to allow them to do their jobs without the risk of them messing with the actual Intervals account or causing any real damage to the records in the God-forbid event that something goes sour.

    We've already run into the problem of having employees delete tasks which should not have been deleted, but right now, all we can do about it is tell them not to do it again and hope for the best, because we can't restrict permissions.

    I would like you to know that this is my single biggest concern with your program, which has otherwise been nothing but wonderful for our business. If you would be willing to consider this option for the future, I would be immensely grateful.

    We have something "like" a new permissions level currently in development. Only, this is better. We are currently building the ability to add a user level called Client Contact. Each Client Contact will have the option of having a login. And if a login is enabled, you will be able to edit what they can and can't see on a granular level. This new user level will address the concerns presented in this forum thread, and then some! We are hoping to launch this feature before the end of the year, so stay tuned for an update.
    • ses
    • Nov 25th 2009

    I am really hoping this permission can be controlled down to the individual task level. Some tasks just aren't relevant for a client to see. Please let me know.


    At this point we don't expect the permissions to be that granular. The best approach to hiding tasks from clients is to keep the summary tame and make all of the comments private, which they are by default. If the task needs to be hidden from view altogether, try creating a seperate project the client can't see and assign the tasks to it.

    When you implement this, please can you make sure there is an option to hide the due date from "executive users".

    I want to be able to use the due date field to ensure my developers respond to tasks promptly, but I don't want to make promises to clients to deliver by a certain date.

    We will take that into consideration when we are defining the granularity of the permissions available to clients.

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