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Add time and Update task in one screen

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    • pernille
    • Nov 16th 2009 edited @ 11/16/2009 3:42 am

    Is there a way of entering time against a task at the same time as updating it? As people will often have to change the status of a task when they add time to it, this would be a very useful functionality. Currently it requires editing two different screens.

    I'm still new to Intervals, so apologies if this is already possible!

    Many thanks in advance,


    Thanks for asking. We actually don't have this functionality with Intervals. To give you some history, we did have it with an early prototype of Intervals. The reason we axed this is because we found that there were a lot of scenarios where we would add time to a task without updating the task itself, and less scenarios where time was added at the same time the task was updated. So in an effort to simplify things we made it two different functions. We've tried to keep the add time dialog window as intuitive and tucked out of the way as possible so it does not interfere with the current page you are on. And we do have plans to have timers and the add time dialog become more persistent. We hope that improving time entry will help alleviate your scenario.

    Thanks for getting involved with Intervals and sharing your ideas! We appreciate it.


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