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Collapse / Expand buttons for tasks

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    Some times you have a long list of people on one task. It shows every single person. This makes the task visually very large. It then takes up too much space and you have to scroll to see your other tasks. it would be nice to collapse them to a single 14 px row. for ease of viewing.
    That is a good idea. When we originally implemented multiple assignees we just assumed people would include only two or three assignees. But it sounds like it is being used to add even more assignees to a task. We'll add this idea to our list of features to enhance the Intervals interface.
    • jnhearne
    • Nov 12th 2009 edited @ 11/12/2009 9:57 am

    Ooo… and then add the functionality of the rollover on the Assignees like you already have when you hover over the Title and the Project Looks like this already there. Quite frankly, why even load the task details into a new window at all. The expand / collapse could expand to show the details of the task including the History, Time, and Documents.… but I know… Baby steps.

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