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Locking worktypes to a task

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    We are new to Intervals and are trying to figure out how to manage the worktypes. We have some contractors (resources) who we pay one rate ($) for worktype-a and a higher rate ($$) for worktype-b. What we are concerned about is a contractor entering work against the wrong worktype and thus having the work expense be either under or over reported.

    It seems we might want to limit the work-type(s) (e.g. only worktype-a) that are possible for any given task. Is that or something like it possible?


    Worktypes can only be limited per project and not per task. Perhaps the best way to handle this scenario is to have someone review the timesheet each week before it is submitted. That is how we do it here at Pelago. Our project manager reviews each timesheet weekly for similar errors and corrects them before approving the timesheet. Or, you can reject the timesheet and have the contractor fix the time so they get in the habit of checking their timesheets before submitting them at the end of each week.

    That's kind of onerous for a small company trying to leverage a relatively large contractor base. I'd rather be able to set the work-type when I'm already in there editing the task than having to go back and review each time submission.

    We'll have to see but this looks like it could be a real squeeky wheel in the process for us. I know my partner is not going to like as she was already complaining when she realized the vulnerability.

    Another possibility is that one worktype can be used for the task and each contractor enters their time on that one worktype. At the end of the project a report can be generated person and task and the billable amount calculated that way. I should point out that multiple contractors can work on one task, so running reports based on person instead of worktype is another way to look at it.

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