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analyse project management softwares

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    • Claudio
    • Oct 29th 2009 edited @ 11/24/2009 3:21 pm

    Dear all,

    my name is Claudio and I am studying business administration and engineering at the University of Applied Science Berlin, Germany. For a project report we analyse project management softwares (amongst others: intervals). The most criterias by which we analyse the softwares, I found on your website. For this criterias I do not found an answer:

    video chat
    sms communication
    personal description
    shared organizer
    file sharing
    Gallup polls
    Gantt chart

    It would be nice, if you could answer me whether intervals has these funcitons.

    Best regards

    Claudio Förtsch



    Your list is broad in terms of versatility where Intervals is more focused on time, task and project management and how the three intertwine during the project workflow. That said, Intervals does have some of the items from your list:

    Intervals utilizes email in two ways. One, email notifications are sent out by various system events. For example, updating a task will email notifications to the assignees. Second, Intervals is able to read in emails from an email server and create tasks from them. This can be helpful for fielding requests from clients and assigning the requests as tasks.

    Personal description
    All users have a personal profile for storing information such as email, phone number, and web site address. In the upcoming month we'll be adding multiple contact profiles to the clients section for keeping track everyone.

    File sharing
    Yes, Intervals does support document uploading and sharing. Documents can be upload to a task or a project and will be shared with others who have access to the same projects.

    Gantt chart
    Intervals has what we call the Periscope Report. This is a Gantt-like chart used to view projects along a timeline. we'll soon be updating it with tasks and milestones so that project managers can see scheduled work along the same timeline. This will help allocate resources to current projects and help know when to schedule new projects.


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