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How can I create repeating tasks?

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    We have many tasks that repeat on a regular basis for a client and was wondering how we can manage them with Intervals. Some tasks happen on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule and we want our people to have these on their calendar and be able to report their hours against them.



    At this time Intervals does not support recurring tasks. However, the functionality can be approximated by using the Copy Task link on any task. What we'll usually do is create a task with basic information in it that serves as the template. We'll use the Copy Task link at each recurring interval to make a new task with a new due date. Although this is not automated recurrence, it only takes a few clicks to create the new task.

    Hope this helps.

    I use a "fake" milestone for my weekly overhead tasks. In the project that I use for OH tasks, I create a milestone "Week of October 1" and associate all the weekly tasks with it. I copy the milestone to Week of October 8, which updates the dates of all the tasks, then select all of them and give them a special status (postponed) that I always filter out in my task list. I can create 10-20 tasks all at once with a few mouse clicks using this method, and I don't have to see the future tasks if I don't want to - depending on how I set the filters.

    ## Update ##
    Recurring tasks are available as a beta feature. More information on how to enable recurring tasks is available here.

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