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Changing the order of listed tasks

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    I have created multiple tasks under a Milestone in the order in which they should be completed. After I save the tasks, if I missed an entry on one of the tasks, (e.g. did not specify a module) all other tasks are saved and the one that needs additional data is opened to make the correction, then populates at the bottom of the list. How can I re-order the list of tasks so they appear in the original order I created?


    At this time there is not a way to keep the tasks in order unless they are all created successfully the first time. I realize this is not ideal. Would you be willing to log into your Intervals account and submit a formal feature request? This will get it into our formalized queue where we'll look into improving this feature.


    • Michael
    • Oct 29th 2009 edited @ 10/05/2020 4:20 pm

    Although not directly related I thought I would mention start and end dates. Every column header within Intervals can be clicked to sort to show items arranged in order by that particular column.

    This help article shows the click to sort functionality with tasks.

    We typically end dates and priorities to organize the order of our tasks but you do have some options depending on your workflow. The milestone view of tasks has a more limited view of the tasks but two more tidbits that may or may not help are using the home page or the “show widescreen view” on the task listing. On the home page if you click on “show more options” on the right hand column there is an option to include “tasks starting”. You could create a filter that only shows when tasks are starting, when they are due or both depending on your work flow. On the task listing page if you click on “show widescreen view” three additional columns are revealed including the start date for the task. If you run a filter that only includes one milestone and then click to sort on the start date or due date the tasks will line up accordingly.

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