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    Is there any way that you can apply different price lists by client? At the moment we have to leave the rate cards black and fill in the prices when we create a project. This is time consuming and to be able to add prices by client would save so much work.

    Any ideas?

    The price lists cannot be defined per client. They can only be filled in either at the default settings -> worktypes page or when adding them to a specific project. The way we usually handle this scenario is we enter our default rates for each default worktype in the settings section of Intervals. When the worktypes are applied to a project we will adjust the rates according to the client contract and any discounted rates they might be receiving. We usually find that doing this is ideal because we are managing the exceptions only. Since most of our clients are on the same rate, this works for us. It is still a good idea to fill out the defaults as they will give you a better starting point when assigning worktypes to a project.

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