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Project Manager User Level - what can they see?

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    • Michael
    • Feb 27th 2006 edited @ 03/02/2006 11:53 am

    The Project Manager user was built around our company's hierarchy...which is very flat. Therefore, Project Manager's are just like Admins except they cannot change billing information and site settings. They can see all clients and all projects. We feel that this transparency is helpful instead of locking the Project Managers into only seeing their clients or their projects. Intervals has filters to make it convenient if you only want to see your information....but it definitely is open.

    One beta tester asked about timesheets. Can the Project Manager user see all timesheets? The answer is yes. This is another area where we debated making it so that a Project Manager can only see timesheets with time on it for their projects, but that doesn't fit how we do things and adds more complexity. It's not uncommon for one of us to work on projects managed by a lot of different people in a given week.

    We'll see how the beta goes and how well the project manager user fits other businesses.


    I would like a role that allows a client to work on a project with me but only see that project, including timesheets, so they can approve them directly.

    It's easy to add the Manager Role to all the projects... so I think that role could be modified to accomodate this philosophically (not sure about code-wise!). I haven't tinkered with the Executive Account much yet.

    The major drawback is maintaining accounts for each client... which doesn't sound too appealing.

    I agree with "mzelina". The feature itself it may be a pain in the ass but when having client access they should have it only on their project. In which world can you trust clients not "nosing" around.

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