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Invoicing By Client

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    Just wondering is it possible to invoice by client?

    I see you can invoice by Project but this means then we have to invoice for each Project per client monthly.

    We would like to be able to just Invoice the client which would include all the time from all Projects and Tasks.




    At this time there is not a way to invoice by client. Intervals is heavily project-centric and drives most functionality through a project lense. We do this to control which resources can and can not access a project. We do hear this request a lot though and we are working on some creative ways to extend invoicing to the client level.

    For now, your best bet is to build a detailed invoice for each project and have it build the line items by task. This will at least give you an invoice at the project level and will include all of the tasks with time tracked against them.


    Thanks for the reply.

    Hope to see a way to invoice by client in the near future that would be great :)


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