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Monthly Projects (Retainer)

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    I was wondering is it possible to set a ongoing Project for the length of a month with a specific budget.

    Example would be say we have a client with a $2,000 Monthly Retainer which we setup as a project in Intervals and then at the end of the month instead of us Deactivating this project is it possible that this project can start again with no hours in it from previous month tasks and with the same budget from the previous month.




    There is not a way to reset a project to zero out the hours that have been accumulated. You could potentially copy the project but that would copy all of the tasks, documents, budget, etc. so it may copy too much information. We do similar retainers on the Pelago web development side of our business and we use reports to keep track of monthly usage. We let the project accumulate over time to keep historical track of all work that has been performed but assess the project monthly. I thought I would mention it in case something similar might work for you. The project activity report with "by task" selected in the summary drop down is a pretty good report to view the financial value of work done by task.

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