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Best place/how to insert a form/template

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    I'd like to have a template set up where the marketing managers can insert a "design request." I'd prefer to not have them upload a document every time but to actually be able to set up a template for them that they can check off and insert fields. Is it possible to do this in this system? Where? Thanks.
    The closest thing to this in Intervals would be the email request queue. Under Tasks -> Request Queue, Intervals can be configured to query an email account using POP or IMAP. It will pull in all emails from the configured account and notify the admins. The requests can then be assigned as tasks. I would recommend designing an email template that the marketing managers can use to email design requests into the queue. They can also attach any number of documents to the email and those will become part of the task. This method will give you far greater control of the template than Intervals could ever offer and will handle documents as well, while giving administrators control over how requests are handled.

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