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Feature Requests


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    i just wanted to suggest you all check out may work better for managing feature requests...and you could probably get away with the free plan :)

    Thanks for the suggestion. All feature requests and bug reports submitted through Intervals are logged in our customer management database and tagged with an ID number. We try our best to respond to submissions within 24 hours. And soon, we'll be adding the ability for Intervals users to access their personal history of feature requests and bug reports. In the long run, we hope to interact with our customers as much inside of Intervals as we can to spare them having to log into a third party web site just to communicate with us.

    Meanwhile, keep the ideas coming. We'll keep everyone posted as to when they can expect to see their submission histories inside of Intervals.

    the one thing i like with uservoice is that it gives pretty nice feedback on what the community views to be the highest priority
    That is a good idea. Perhaps we'll build something like that into Intervals in the future, a view of your requests alongside statistics showing how many people have made similar requests.

    We use SalesForce for our feature requests. We can't use their Idea system because all our users don't have expensive SFC accounts, so we manage them using cases (as we do our trouble tickets). The pros are that there is a nice self service portal etc., the cons are that (among other things) we cannot have rating and voting.

    I'll be watching with interest to see how these features develop and perhaps we'll shift from SFC to Intervals for the feature requests.

    (I suspect we'll keep trouble tickets in SFC because of the portal, email templates, escalation rules and logic, etc. etc.)

    If you are looking to replace salesforce there is a great open-source solution called Sugar CRM that is worth looking into.

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