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Close tasks, but keep as billable

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    Whenever we finish a task and close it so that it will no longer show up as needing to be finished, it no longer shows up in the outstanding balance under projects. We had an incident where we were using freshbooks and intervals to keep track of invoices and intervals was FAR behind freshbooks in cost. After doing a bit of searching, we discovered that the money under the closed tasks would not show up in the project financial overview.

    Is there a way to close tasks but have the money that needs to be billed show up under the main project?



    When a task is closed it does not hide the time from the reports. In other words, the financial reports do not exclude closed tasks from their results. Is it possible the task was deleted? A deleted task will remove associated time from the financial data. If you would like us to take a closer look, please click the bug submission link in the Intervals application and let us know which tasks are being affected. We'll take a look and find out why the data is not showing up as intended.


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