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Please record AMOUNT OF TIME and ACTUAL TIME period task done in - very important for me

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    One thing that I really wish could be added, especially in light of the new calendar and Milestones would be for each task scheduled for the future to be added to the calendar automatically in various color coded options - very similar to the Google calendar - also as a new task timer is started it automatically added the start time to the calendar and draws a color coded line for the time span when the timer is stopped.
    Basically I want each aspect of Intervals not just to record the AMOUNT of time but the ACTUAL time span on the calendar that the task was performed in. The actual start and end time for each task should not be a big deal to add as I'm sure the data is already somewhere in the program.
    Hope this is something you can do very soon!
    Thanks. Craig.

    • jreeve
    • Oct 8th 2009 edited @ 10/08/2009 2:20 pm


    Thanks for taking the time to suggest this feature. We are in fact considering adding the begin and end time for timers into Intervals. The emphasis has been primarily on amount of time in order to simplify the time tracking process and because most people only need the amount in order to invoice clients and run productivity reports. However, we do see the value in seeing when the time was recorded. It adds another attribute to our timers, timesheets, and calendars that I am sure many people would find useful.

    We are still discussing internally when and how to implement this feature, so it probably wont' be soon. But do know we are tossing it around to find the best way for a feature like this to benefit all of our Intervals customers.

    I get what you are saying on the task timers being started automatically when creating a task. We actually had Intervals configured to do this when we first unveiled it. However, we got a lot of feature requests to remove it as people found it an annoyance.

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