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Intervals Lean GM Script

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    • jprado
    • Sep 28th 2009 edited @ 09/28/2009 11:01 am

    I use this script to expand the viewable area of Intervals. It uses Greasemonkey plugin for Firefox (and Chrome) to insert some css that makes intervals maximize to the whole browser window. I would post a screenshot, but I couldn't get one without displaying a bunch of internal-only tasks to the whole world.

    Copy and install if you think it would be useful to you:

    // ==UserScript==
    // @name Intervals Lean
    // @namespace Intervals
    // @description Maximizes overall viewing area of Intervals. Also contains some
    // @version 0.1
    // @include https://**
    // @include https://**
    // @include https://**
    // ==/UserScript==

    var style = "";
    style+= "div#container { padding-top: 0; }";
    style+= "div#brandCell, div#globalIconCell { padding-bottom: 0; }";
    style+= "td.noteLeft img { display: none; } ";
    style+= "div#allLeft { background: none; padding-left: 0 } ";
    style+= "div#allRight { background: none; padding-right: 0 } ";
    style+= "div#all { margin: 0 } ";
    style+= "div#allFooter { display:none; ";
    style+= "body { background: #fff; } ";
    style+= "table.newTable { width: 100%; } ";

    var head=document.getElementsByTagName("HEAD")[0];
    var el=window.document.createElement('link');

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