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Project Templates (via copy a project)

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    • Michael
    • Sep 18th 2009 edited @ 09/18/2009 10:33 am

    Intervals does not include true project templating but copying a project can be utilized for a very similar purpose.

    Copy a Project - (left hand side of project profile page)
    copy a project

    Copy Confirmation
    confirm copying project

    A few notes:

    • The task start dates for the new copied project are based on their reference to the project start date of the previous project. For example, if Task 1 started five days after the project start will also start five days after the start date of the new copied project.

    • The timestamp for project notes, project documents and project expenses will be the start date of the project

    • No email alerts go out when the new project is copied. This is done intentionally so that if you want to edit the team, move due dates around, etc. you can


    This could be helpful!
    Are weekends / holidays taken into account when the new project task dates are determined?

    When copying a project there is an option to exclude weekends for the tasks and milestones. This doesn't take into account holidays but it will keep due dates off of weekends.
    Terrific - thank you! I'll try it when the need arises.

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