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Updates disappearing

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    Sometimes when I make updates in a task summary and click update, when I come back to the page the new summary item is gone, but you can see in the history that I made the update.

    Is this a bug?

    Do you have a task number where this has happened by chance? If so your best bet is to submit a bug from within your Intervals account and our support team can work on determining what is happening.
    No, sorry I don't. Hard to replicate because the problem is intermittent.

    Happened to me three times last week, two resources submitted time.

    I changed a few of their work types to something the client prefers instead of "meetings" changed it to "*Support".

    Pressed save (the little arrows in a circle like a flow icon) and resubmitted the time for approval.

    Looking at the monthly reports, i STILL had meeting time. I had to do it 2 times!

    I think this is a bug!

    Happy to have you contact me for more details.



    Sounds like we have two separate issues going on here, so i'll address both. The first is related to task updates. We did discover that it is possible for task updates to overwrite one another under certain race conditions. We will be launching a fix for this next week.

    In regards to submitting time, this is a different issue we'll need to troubleshoot with our development team. The best way to pursue this is to log into your Intervals account and click the bug report link. This will give us more information about your browser and Intervals account that will help us pinpoint and troubleshoot the issue.

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