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    • PTMG
    • Sep 16th 2009

    Our company's desire is to track time in Intervals and then import that time into Quickbooks in order to track costs on jobs. We do not wish to use the intervals time to invoice clients (a quote is given to client's up front, and that dictates the final invoice, regardless of actual time spent).

    We have recently hired a new marketing and operations manager, and it is this person's job to quote on jobs and schedule staff to prepare the job. As part of this person's compensation, the company wishes to provide an incentive bonus when the job costs are below the revenue generated. As a result, we would like to import the Intervals time information which would then integrate into a Quickbooks Job Cost or Job Profitability report.

    Can Intervals provide this data? At present, I am only able to import the time spent on a job, and not the billing rate that I have assigned to different work functions. Am I wasting my time?


    The Quickbooks export of time data should and does contain the different work functions and their hourly rates. These are the same as the hourly rates assigned to each work type in the project profile. When importing time into QuickBooks it will create a "Service" for each type of work and it's unique hourly rate.

    If this is not working as intended, please followup with some screenshots and/or a further explanation of what you are seeing. In the Intervals application click the "Find a bug?" link and submit the information with the form. This will greatly help us troubleshoot the issue further.


    • PTMG
    • Sep 23rd 2009

    I have now been able to export time (and rates) from intervals into Quickbooks. When I go to invoice a client in Quickbooks, it allows me to choose the billable time for the Customer:Job and add it to an invoice. So I know that my hours and rates are properly importing into Quickbooks.

    However, I want this time and rate to show up as a cost on a QB Job Profitability Report or Profit & Loss by Job report. I cannot even get the unbilled time to show up on a Unbilled Costs per Job report (yet when I go to "Time/Costs" on the invoice screen, this unbilled time shows up).

    I think my problem is that I am trying to use Intervals to track my job costs, yet Intervals appears to be set up to import into Quickbooks from a Revenue/Invoicing perspective.


    Yes, your assumption is correct. Intervals is intended to be used to track billable time from a revenue/invoicing perspective. Although many of our customers do also use Intervals to track job costs with just a few workarounds. In order to get the Intervals data to show up in QB as a cost you will have to manipulate the data after its been imported.

    In the meanwhile, if you would like to see this feature implemented into Intervals, please log into your Intervals account and click on the feature request link in the footer. This will make the request official and tag it with an ID so we can track it. And it's the best way to vote for new features in Intervals.

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