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JIRA Import via API

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    • bnix
    • Sep 11th 2009

    We are currently evaluating your application and we are excited at what we have seen so far, but have some questions in regards to importing data.

    Currently, we use JIRA for bug and task tracking and having developers enter time applied to tasks in JIRA. If we were to move to Intervals, initially we would continue business as usual and use the API to import and update project data. I have not dug fully into the API yet, but wanted to know if you feel we would be able to somehow map the fields between the system so that we could conditionally update tasks and time after an initial load into intervals.

    Hopefully this makes sense.



    • jreeve
    • Sep 15th 2009 edited @ 04/13/2015 7:13 am

    Without knowing the fields available for tasks, time and projects in Jira, I can't answer your question completely. However, I can help you out with how this data will look like on the Intervals side. Mapping the fields should not be a problem. In our experience with importing data for clients, the main issue is missing fields. Sometimes the import data is missing fields required by Intervals. In this case, we elect to assign a default. The inverse is also true. Sometimes the import data has fields that aren't supported by Intervals. In this case, we either map them to other fields, or concatenate the data into a description field for reference.

    Here are some links to documentation for each resource mentioned. The documentation provides full details for the fields and usage of each resource. Using this documentation will enable you to properly map the fields.

    API Documentation for Tasks:

    API Documentation for Time:

    API Documentation for Projects:

    • bnix
    • Sep 21st 2009

    thank you very much for the feedback, it is helpful and I will look into the API docs for additional information.



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