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Showing priority name, not just color????

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    I'm new to Intervals and generally pretty delighted.

    Here is the one thing that drives me crazy -- in the task list, I can't see priority names -- just colors. I can sort by priority, but I can't easily see the actual numbers, and it's hard to remember the association of priorities to colors (even with the legend on the left).

    We do *everything* based on priorities. And we have our priorities set to simple numbers: "1", "2", through 9. This just seems trivial to do, and it would make such a big difference.

    Also: if it won't fit, how about just the first two or three letters of the priority?? Or only show the full name if "widescreen" is selected?

    Thanks, Ben.


    Here's something that may help you a bit -- If you hover your mouse over the color bar, the name of the associated priority pops up on the screen.

    Also, you can not only change the names of your priorities to 1 through 9, but ALSO change the colors associated with them to some gradient that makes sense to you -- a spectrum, or green for go and red for stop, or blue for cold and red for hot..we've played around a bit with that. Maybe in your case, just a light shade to a dark shade of the same color.

    Here is how we've tinkered with our priority names and colors so far, with the first letter of the name pulled out as a mnemonic device:

    Name Color
    A-Absolutely do now Hot pink
    B1-Better do today Green (for "go")
    B2-Better do soon Yellow (Default)
    B3-Better do later Orange
    C-Could do Red
    D-Don't do yet Blue
    E-Out of scope Purple
    F-Routine recurring Aqua

    I'd be interested to hear what you come up with, and what others have done with their priorities.


    I'll tell you how we do it at Pelago. The lower priorities are assigned more calm and neutral colors, such as green and blue. Grey would also be a good color. For the midrange priorities we use a combination of yellows and oranges. The highest priority items are red and black. Our primary reason for building them this way is that if you look into the psychology of colors you will find certain hues illicit certain responses from people (there is a reason fast food restaurants use yellow and red as those colors make you more nervous and therefore more hungry).

    What I am proposing would look like this, in order from low to high priority:

    If you need more than six priorities you can fill in the gaps with intermediary colors. Hope that helps!

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