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Lost Task

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    I'm in a huge pickle. I billed a client for some work we did (using an outside invoicing program). The client replied contesting that we never did the work in question. I went back to look for more details to provide to them, and the task where the work was logged is gone. Completely gone. I am so very very confused. I have searched for it in every conceivable way. The only thing I don't know about it is the Task #. I remember the date the project owner closed it, the comments made in the description, EVERYTHING that should allow me to find it by searching. Nothing.

    So what's left? We have to give every single one of our employees admin access to do what they need to do - which is the absolutely worst thing about Intervals, as far as I'm concerned - and I'm a little worried that someone might have deleted this task for some unknown reason. I'd really hate to accuse my employees of something like this without any basis, though, so I'm hoping someone has another suggestion (other than that I'm crazy).

    Intervals hasn't been having any problems with losing data lately, have you?

    I don't suppose there's any sort of Activity Log I could check somewhere? Knowing as much as I do about this task, I feel sure I could find it that way.

    Any suggestions?

    • jreeve
    • Aug 24th 2009 edited @ 08/24/2009 11:45 am


    The most likely scenario is that the project has been inactivated, which in turn, inactivates and hides any tasks associated with it. While the tasks will still show up in reports, the project needs to be reactivated to access the details of the task.

    Meanwhile, we have not been having any problems with Intervals tasks that we are aware of. Please login to Intervals and click on the "Find a Bug" link. Give us as much information about the task as you can remember and we will find it for you.


    • LauraTDG
    • Aug 24th 2009 edited @ 08/28/2009 9:11 am
    Thank you John. I did think of an inactivated task, but the only inactive project for that client is quite old and (just because I'm getting desperate, I checked anyway) does not contain the task in question. I'll send a bug report, and I appreciate the help.
    I sent the bug report right after I posted that last message three days ago, and I never received any reply, not even a confirmation that you had received the report. So I thought I'd check here. Did it come across?
    Laura, we did receive your email and responded the next day. I'll resend the email to you. Meanwhile, it is better to contact us at support at for questions of this specificity. We'll be able to respond much faster. Please email us if you do not receive the email in the next few minutes.
    This issue was resolved via support emails.

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