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API [Sticky]

Welcome to the API Discussion Forum

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    • jreeve
    • Aug 20th 2009 edited @ 10/08/2010 2:58 pm

    With the API recently going into beta, we wanted to give our customers an arena to discuss and share ideas on how they are using the API. Share your developments here and find collaboraters. Working on git integration? iPhone apps? Let it be known and get feedback from others.

    The API documentation can be found here:
    API Documentation for Intervals Web-based Project Management Software

    If you have any questions or bugs to report, please contact the API support staff at:


    Has anyone here written an application using the API to download all Intervals documents for the purposes of backup (or, for that matter, any other reason?).

    It's fine to backup data via the export feature, but I need to be able to backup the project(s) documents as well, without being put in the position of having to do it manually, which would consume more time than the software would save me.

    Anyone? Thanks in advance for any input,


    Has anyone been successful in using the API to intergrate with git yet?

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