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Task Dependancies

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    Is there a way to manage your projects based on dependencies? For example, Task A has to be completed before Task B starts? Or Milestones?

    Intervals does not include task dependencies like MS Project (Finish to Start, Start to Start, Lag, lead, etc.). Intervals is built around iterative development similar to Agile development philosophies ( with an ever changing schedule. Although Intervals does not include task dependencies milestones can be used to move groups of tasks and a project schedule around. When a milestone is shifted forward or backwards upcoming and previous milestones and tasks can be shifted as well. We use this functionality quite a bit to move around all of the remaining tasks for a project. Say for example the first phase runs late. You can move the due date of the first milestone and all of the other milestones and tasks will move as well. We typically drag and drop the milestone from the home calendar but you can right click on the milestone and change the due date or edit the milestone from the milestones section. Our team is instructed not to work on an upcoming milestone until the current milestone is completed.

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