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Running Timers - add Date started (08/17/09)

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    I sometimes catch timers employees don't. only because the timer just runs and runs amassing 500 hours sometimes. But I don't want to find out that a running timer got forgotten about because the time put in on the project gets lost due to not stopping the timer. It would be great as a saftey measure to add a column - The Date - as part of the row information next to each timer. This also gives admin better ammo at reprimanding the worker who forgets to stop timers.

    We do have a few items planned and being discussed that touch close to this.

    Later this year administrators will be able to to stop and apply other users timers.

    Being Discussed:
    Adding email reminders to timers. Say someone has a timer that has been running for over eight hours (or some specified time frame) Intervals could email them a "hey, just an FYI that you've had a timer running for a bit". If we move forward with this reminder it should help cut down on the 500 hour timers that people forget to apply. Good idea?

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