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Multiple "General Timers"?

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    • Michael
    • Sep 13th 2006 edited @ 09/13/2006 12:54 pm
    We recently received a request to allow for multiple general timers with a note describing the work. It would work similarly to how the task timers work at present, but for the general timers. We at Pelago typically funnel everything into task timers and use the general timer more sparingly. I'm curious to get feedback from others on whether or not they would use multiple general timers?
    Multiple general timers went live today in a small way. Feedback so far is the ability to add in notes with the general timers.
    I wanted to update this post to get it current. Since launching multiple general timers we also launched the ability to apply the general timer to a task. This seemingly small modification has been huge for us. When in doubt, just start a general timer. When you are done you can look up the task and apply the time to it.

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